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Dear friends, family, and acquaintances,

As many of you know this past week has been hard for the community of San Bernardino County. We faced 3 fires. The fire located in Northern San Bernardino has claimed over 100 homes, which means at least 200 people have been directly effected by this fire.

The Gran Prix Fire in Fontana/Rancho Cucamonga is a little TOO close to home for any of us.

Everytime there is a wildfire it claims precious things - homes, possessions, lives.

So in a cry for help for those who don't have a home to type at the keyboard tonight, I am asking all of you to do something to help. I want to start a collection center for everyone and everything. If you have any unneeded clothes, furniture, even kitchen appliances, contact me. Canned foods, even foods you can make and bring to Rancho Cucamonga High School or Valley Church in Chino would be greatly appreciated. Helping out at the Red Cross or maybe just being there to comfort them. These are our people as we are theirs. Whether it be time or money no matter how you help them, you'll feel great inside that someone is feeling better because of you.

These people have NO homes and all the little things they couldn't take with them before the fire got to their house is gone from their lives. This is our chance to help them, it's our chance to give back when it's going to be appreciated and accepted the most.

ONE person started these fires. ONE person took everything away from them. Be that ONE person that gives them hope, comfort, the ONE to get their life back on track.

I was so inspired to start helping them when I saw this special on the news. I didn't realize how serious these fires were until Friday morning when I saw the ashes. Now everywhere I drive I see ashes from the fires on cars, streets, houses, etc.

Remember guys and gals - this is our community, our county, they're part of our lives too. These people are without homes for tonight in 50 mile per hour winds. These people won't have a place that they'll call home for a LONG time. Not everyone is covered by insurance. Not all of them are lucky. Just picture yourself in their situation. Wouldn't you want someone doing the same for you?

Just please, help them out in your spare time.

Much love,
Tiffany Bautista

AIM: Truly TiFFy

Please contact me if you'd like to help me help them.
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